Broken windshield in Tucson

A cracked or broken windshield is an eyesore as well as a safety hazard. If you have a broken windshield, even if it’s just a small crack, you should have it replaced as soon as possible.

Andy’s American Glass is Tucson’s leading source for windshield replacement and other auto glass repair services.

We can fix your windshield or car window here in our shop, or our mobile technicians can come to your home, office or any other location and give you a windshield replacement there.

Best of all, we’re the most affordable auto glass service provider anywhere in southern Arizona. Our auto glass quotes are always one of the lowest in Tucson, and that’s the main reason we’re so popular.

Repair a windshield, or replace a windshield?

Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, if you’re faced with a broken windshield you should fix it now, before it becomes a bigger problem. Andy’s American Glass is Tucson’s recognized leader when it comes to replacing a cracked windshield.

If an auto glass crack is relatively small, say only a couple of inches long, then our technicians can usually repair it instead of replacing it.

Or, if the problem is just a small chip instead of a crack, we’ll probably repair it, not replace it.
Yet, if the crack or chip is significant you’ll need windshield replacement in order to be safe while you’re driving. 

A damaged windshield is unsafe

Few people realize how much a damaged windshield compromises their safety when driving. Although it may seem harmless to drive a vehicle with a broken or cracked windshield, it can be dangerous to you, your passengers and even other motorists.

That’s because cracked glass of any kind is inherently unstable – It could break completely at any moment. A broken or cracked windshield is indeed a serious safety issue.

Unless it’s fixed, even a small crack can quickly spread through auto glass. And, the constant roadway vibration and bumps while you’re driving can cause any crack to “run” through the entire windshield.

Worse, the hot days and cool nights here in Tucson can speed the cracking cycle and lead to windshield failure.

That’s because your windshield expands quickly during the heat of the day, then it contracts even faster once the sun goes down, which puts excessive stress on already-cracked glass.

In modern vehicles, the windshields are designed to be an integral part of the vehicles’ safety and restraint system, or SRS, working together with seat belts and airbags.

The SRS is designed to keep vehicle occupants safe during a collision. The windshield not only physically keeps people inside the vehicle during a crash, it also adds structural strength and helps prevent the vehicle’s roof from collapsing in a roll-over accident.

So, any windshield damage can weaken the entire SRS. Also, because the windshield forms an integral part of the vehicle’s safety features, damaged windshields often draw unwanted attention from police eager to enforce safety regulations.

Windshield cracking can create an unsafe and costly problem for you and others around you, so it’s best to have any crack fixed as soon as you notice it.

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