Tabletop Glass

At Andy’s American Glass we use the industry’s best tabletop glass to create beautiful, durable glass table tops for your home or business, made to your specifications.

Here in Tucson, table top glass is especially popular. It offers numerous benefits over other tabletop materials, including visual appeal and ease of cleaning.

And, glass tabletops also protect your furniture from scratches, liquid spills and other causes of damage.

Custom glass table tops

Nowadays, glass is being used to top all types of furniture, not just tables. It’s both a decorative fashion statement as well as a practical way to enhance the appearance and functionality of your furniture.

At Andy’s American Glass, we have the skills, experience and special tools needed to create custom table top glass to fit your furniture.

We can craft glass tabletops in any shape and size to fit your needs. And, we offer glass up to ½” in thickness, or even more. Plus, we offer a wide variety of edge profiles on our tabletops.

Glass tops are an easy way to give your furniture a new look as well as protect it. Glass adds a shiny luster to an otherwise dull finish on any kind of furniture. And, of course, it’s much easier to clean, too.

Business owners love the beauty and practicality of glass tops, especially in restaurants, bars and other high-traffic locations.

And, table tops are a high-visibility location. Many business owners take advantage of their clear glass tops to place such things as menus, printed advertisements or decorative graphics sandwiched between top and table.

Glass tops for tables and other furniture

We can craft glass tops into almost any shape. Whatever the shape of your furniture, we’ll custom fit glass tops to fit. And, we can also work based on your own designs or drawings.

In addition to beautiful tops for interior furniture, we also create many tops for patio furniture both new and old. Over time, patio table tops can crack, break or become unsightly.

And, outdoor furniture will usually benefit from having a protective glass top, even if the furniture wasn’t originally glass-topped. In any case, we can provide new or replacement tops for existing patio furniture.

Tucson’s best source for glass tabletops

We’re proud to be southern Arizona’s best source for glass tabletops and all other kinds of residential and auto glass. We carry the region’s largest inventory of tabletop glass, and our prices are always the lowest.

With over forty years of experience in residential and auto glass, Andy’s American Glass is your best choice here in Tucson. We’re fast, professional, and most importantly, affordable.

Want a glass top for your furniture? Just contact us now!

Shower Glass

Shower glass adds beauty and elegance to all bathrooms, as well as improving their functionality. Andy’s American Glass is Tucson’s leading source for residential glass, shower enclosures, and shower doors.

In the old days, shower glass was designed simply to keep water off the bathroom floor while showering. Yet, nowadays shower doors and other kinds of bathroom glass serve to decorate your home and and highlight your personal style.

We install and service every kind of shower glass, including sliding bypass doors, glass shower and tub enclosures, pivot doors and space-maximizing shower doors.

And, we offer many different patterns and textures of glass to suit your tastes, including tinted, frosted or patterned glass.

Our bathroom glass is real glass, not acrylic or plastic. It’s tempered for strength. This makes it safer to use in bathrooms, which often have slippery floors.

And, today’s tempered glass for showers is easier to clean than earlier generations of glass. That’s especially important for showers in Tucson because bathroom glass here tends to accumulate mineral scale and salt deposits from our area’s “hard” water.

The best glass for your shower

Whether you want a basic glass enclosure or an over-the-top luxury shower, we can help. Our certified technicians have the expertise and tools needed to install and service any type of glass for your bathroom or kitchen.

There’s something special about a glass shower enclosure….. Unlike shower curtains, glass adds an element of luxury and elegance to any bathroom that can’t be matched by other decorating methods.

A glass shower is uniquely comforting and inviting – It draws people to use it

Real estate agents and property developers have reported that bathroom remodeling has overtaken kitchen remodeling as the single most important investment when you want to boost the overall value of your property before selling it.

In fact, glass shower enclosures are the best improvement you can make to your home in order to attract serious buyers and increase your sale price.

If you’re thinking of selling your home and want to ensure maximum cosmetic appeal, or if you simply want a soothing retreat in which to unwind after a hard day at work, a glass shower is your best option.

Large inventory of residential glass

We’re proud to be Tucson’s preferred source for residential glass, including everything from shower doors to window panes and tabletop glass.

At Andy’s American Glass we carry a large inventory of residential glass for your home. Our mobile technicians can quickly install any kind of glass for your home or office. And, we also specialize in auto glass, too.

Whether you’re building a new bathroom with a glass-enclosed shower, or you’re facing a broken glass shower door or enclosure, we can help.

We have more than 40 years of experience in installing and replacing residential glass, and we always offer one of the lowest prices in Tucson.

Need glass for your shower? Call Andy’s American Glass now!

Broken Windshield

Broken windshield in Tucson

A cracked or broken windshield is an eyesore as well as a safety hazard. If you have a broken windshield, even if it’s just a small crack, you should have it replaced as soon as possible.

Andy’s American Glass is Tucson’s leading source for windshield replacement and other auto glass repair services.

We can fix your windshield or car window here in our shop, or our mobile technicians can come to your home, office or any other location and give you a windshield replacement there.

Best of all, we’re the most affordable auto glass service provider anywhere in southern Arizona. Our auto glass quotes are always one of the lowest in Tucson, and that’s the main reason we’re so popular.

Repair a windshield, or replace a windshield?

Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, if you’re faced with a broken windshield you should fix it now, before it becomes a bigger problem. Andy’s American Glass is Tucson’s recognized leader when it comes to replacing a cracked windshield.

If an auto glass crack is relatively small, say only a couple of inches long, then our technicians can usually repair it instead of replacing it.

Or, if the problem is just a small chip instead of a crack, we’ll probably repair it, not replace it.
Yet, if the crack or chip is significant you’ll need windshield replacement in order to be safe while you’re driving. 

A damaged windshield is unsafe

Few people realize how much a damaged windshield compromises their safety when driving. Although it may seem harmless to drive a vehicle with a broken or cracked windshield, it can be dangerous to you, your passengers and even other motorists.

That’s because cracked glass of any kind is inherently unstable – It could break completely at any moment. A broken or cracked windshield is indeed a serious safety issue.

Unless it’s fixed, even a small crack can quickly spread through auto glass. And, the constant roadway vibration and bumps while you’re driving can cause any crack to “run” through the entire windshield.

Worse, the hot days and cool nights here in Tucson can speed the cracking cycle and lead to windshield failure.

That’s because your windshield expands quickly during the heat of the day, then it contracts even faster once the sun goes down, which puts excessive stress on already-cracked glass.

In modern vehicles, the windshields are designed to be an integral part of the vehicles’ safety and restraint system, or SRS, working together with seat belts and airbags.

The SRS is designed to keep vehicle occupants safe during a collision. The windshield not only physically keeps people inside the vehicle during a crash, it also adds structural strength and helps prevent the vehicle’s roof from collapsing in a roll-over accident.

So, any windshield damage can weaken the entire SRS. Also, because the windshield forms an integral part of the vehicle’s safety features, damaged windshields often draw unwanted attention from police eager to enforce safety regulations.

Windshield cracking can create an unsafe and costly problem for you and others around you, so it’s best to have any crack fixed as soon as you notice it.

Broken or cracked windshield? Call Tucson’s windshield pros now!

Cracked Windshield

Cracked windshield in Tucson

A cracked windshield is a safety hazard as well as an eyesore. If you have a cracked windshield here in the Tucson area, you should have it fixed for your own safety.

We can help – We’re Andy’s American Glass, Tucson’s best source for auto glass repair service, including same-day windshield replacement by our mobile technicians.

Most importantly, we’re affordable – Our auto glass quotes are one of the lowest in Tucson, so we usually win the job.

Can a windshield crack be repaired?

Whether your vehicle is new or old, a cracked or broken windshield needs attention before it compromises your safety.

If the crack is small, less than 3 inches long, then our certified technicians can generally repair it. And, if the problem is a small chip instead of a crack, it can probably be repaired instead of replaced.

Andy’s American Glass is southern Arizona’s leader in fixing and replacing cracked windshields. We have more than forty years of auto glass repair experience.

And, we have the special skill and expertise necessary to determine whether a crack can be repaired, or whether the crack is unstable and requires windshield replacement.

Safety first

When you have a broken windshield, it’s important to repair it as soon as possible. That’s because a crack or other damage to your windshield is a more serious safety issue than it may seem.

If you’re faced with a cracked windshield, most often the point of impact will appear as a “bull’s eye” crack.

Left without repair, even a small, seemingly innocuous chip or crack can quickly spread. The effects of roadway jolts and vibration cause cracks to “run” or extend through a much larger area of the glass.

And, the hot weather here in Tucson quickly makes a windshield crack even worse. That’s because expansion from heat during the day and contraction from cooler temperatures at night stress your windshield, causing cracks to spread rapidly.

Most people don’t realize how much a windshield crack can compromise their safety while on the road. In today’s vehicles, windshields are designed as part of a vehicle’s safety and restraint system (SRS) together with airbags and seat belts. Windshield damage weakens the entire system.

The SRS is intended to keep occupants safely inside the vehicle’s cabin during a collision. Not only does the windshield keep occupants inside, it also supports the structure of the vehicle and helps position the airbags.

Just as importantly, it also helps keep the vehicle roof from collapsing during a roll-over accident. All these safety benefits may be lost if your windshield is broken.

And, since the windshield is an integral part of a vehicle’s safety equipment, noticeably-damaged windshields often attract attention from law enforcement officers eager to ticket safety violations.

We can fix your broken windshield

When you need windshield repair or replacement, Andy’s American Glass is your best choice. We provide exceptional service together with winning auto glass quotes, and we’re often recognized as Tucson’s best windshield repair shop.

Cracked or broken windshield? We’ll fix it fast, just contact us now!

Windshield Replacement

Windshield replacement in Tucson

Whether you drive a new vehicle or an old one, if you have a cracked or broken windshield you need a windshield replacement.

Here in Tucson, Andy’s American Glass is the leader in windshield replacement. With over 40 years of experience in glass repair, we have the skills and technologies needed to fix your windshield quickly and economically.

When you need a windshield replacement, we can help. We offer top-quality workmanship, and we’re recognized as Tucson’s best auto glass repair shop.

During our forty years in business, we’ve learned and practiced the best methods for auto glass repair and window replacement.

We’re proud of our reputation, and we owe it to our technicians. They’re are all well-trained, certified and highly experienced with auto glass repair and replacement.

Here’s how we replace a windshield

  • Review the auto glass repair to be done
  • Offer a winning auto glass quote
  • Remove the old windshield
  • Vacuum and clean up any broken glass from your vehicle
  • Apply advanced adhesives and fastening technologies
  • Insert your new windshield
  • Follow up to make sure you’re satisfied

Auto window repair

Andy’s American Glass is the best choice for quick, economical car window replacement and repair here in Tucson.

In addition to replacing windshields, we also provide car window replacement and repairs for side windows and back windows.

We carry Tucson’s most complete inventory of windshields and other auto glass. Our expert technicians have plenty of experience in replacing car windows and windshields in all makes and models of vehicle.

And, we specialize in hard-to-find windshields and windows for both U.S.-made and foreign cars. No matter which kind of vehicle you have, we have the auto glass to fit it.

Windshield repair or replacement?

If you spot a chip or crack in your vehicle’s windshield, you should have it repaired. If it’s just a small chip, we can usually fix it without replacing the entire windshield.

However, if you have a broken windshield or a cracked windshield in which the crack is more than one-quarter inch long, it’s time to replace it entirely. That’s because even a small crack can quickly spread over a larger area because of roadway vibrations and bumps.

A cracked windshield is a safety issue because it limits visibility, and also because of the risk of sudden failure of the entire piece of glass while you’re driving.

By fixing your broken windshield as early as possible, we can minimize the danger from broken windshield failure and help you avoid costly repairs later.

Broken windshield in Tucson

Andy’s American Glass is Tucson’s recognized leader in auto glass service. We carry a large inventory, and our auto glass quotes are usually the lowest.

Best of all, we’re a preferred service provider for all major insurers. That means a faster turnaround time and better overall service for our customers.

Broken windshield? Call the auto glass pros here at Andy’s American Glass.

Auto Glass Quote

When you’re looking for the best auto glass quote in Tucson, you can count on Andy’s American glass. We’re fast, professional and, most of all, we’re affordable.

After more than 40 years of providing windshield replacement and other auto glass repair services, we have the experience needed to do the job right the first time as well as delivering the lowest auto glass quote.

We carry Tucson’s biggest selection of car window replacement glass and windshields. And, our highly-skilled technicians can replace auto glass in any kind of vehicle, including hard-to-find windshields and windows for domestic and foreign vehicles alike.

Auto glass installation

Auto glass installation is a job best left to professionals such as our team here at Andy’s American Glass.

A properly-installed windshield or car window replacement must be correctly set into position and then expertly bonded to ensure it’s water-tight and securely fastened in place.

Our certified technicians have the tools and technologies needed for expert windshield replacement and other kinds of auto glass repair.

Best of all, we’ll come to you – We provide mobile auto glass installation services throughout Tucson and beyond. Our technicians can replace your windshield or perform other auto glass repairs on-site at your home, office or almost any other location.

Windshield replacement

Whether you’re faced with a cracked windshield or a broken windshield, we can help. Andy’s American Auto Glass specializes in windshield replacement for all vehicle makes and models, both American-made and foreign.

We can replace your windshield fast, and our auto glass quote is always the lowest. Whether you bring your vehicle to our conveniently-located shop, or whether our mobile glass repair team performs the work at your location, our results are always the same – Top-quality workmanship, fast turnaround time, and the best auto glass prices.

Tucson’s lowest auto glass quote

After forty years in the auto glass repair business, we have exceptional resources and deep relationships within the wholesale glass industry. Frankly, we’ve been buying wholesale glass for longer than our competitors.

So, we’re able to offer Tucson’s lowest auto glass prices…… without sacrificing our quality of workmanship.

Along with our longevity in serving the auto glass needs of Tucson residents, we’re also a preferred service provider for all major insurers, which allows us to speed up the turnaround time for our customers.

And, our service is as convenient as it is affordable – We gladly accept personal payments instead of insurance.

Andy’s American Glass is proud to be Tucson’s recognized leader in windshield replacement and car window repair. We’re fast, flexible and very affordable.

Want the best automotive glass quote? Just contact us!

Car Window Replacement

Andy’s American Glass is your best choice when you need fast, affordable car window replacement here in Tucson.

We carry southern Arizona’s largest selection of windshields and car window replacement glass. And, with more than 40 years of car window replacement experience, we’ll make sure the job’s done right the first time.

Our skilled, certified technicians can expertly replace car window and windshield glass for any make and model of vehicle. We specialize in replacing hard-to-find car windows and windshields for both American and foreign cars.

Car window replacement or repair?

When you see a crack or chip in your car’s window glass, it’s time to consider car window replacement. If it’s only a small chip, we can often repair your car window without replacing it.

Yet, if the chip is large enough to be noticeable, or if you have a crack that’s more than a quarter-inch long, then you should replace the entire window or windshield.

That’s because roadway vibration can cause any size crack to “run” until it eventually affects the entire window.

Cracks are dangerous to drivers, passengers and other motorists because they limit visibility and increase the risk of sudden glass failure while driving.

By repairing chips and cracks in car windows and windshields as early as possible, we can usually help you avoid more expensive auto glass replacement later.

Whatever kind of vehicle you drive, we have a full inventory of auto glass to meet your needs. We can quickly and expertly replace a windshield, window or mirror for almost any kind of vehicle, even recreational vehicles and specialty trucks.

Car window glass replacement

Andy’s American Glass is the recognized leader among Tucson-area auto glass shops. We carry the region’s best selection of windshields, windows and mirrors, and we’re known for the speed and quality of our auto glass installation work.

We’re a preferred Tucson provider for all the major insurance companies, which helps us offer a faster turnaround time to our customers. And, our service is convenient – We accept personal payments through a variety of methods.

Residential glass and commercial glass

As well as being known for the quality and affordability of our auto glass installation work, we’re also recognized for our commercial and residential glass work.

Whether you’re a homeowner with a broken window looking for a replacement, or a building contractor with a construction project needing a bid for windows, we can help. No window job is too big nor too small for us.

Tucson’s car window experts

At Andy’s American Glass we specialize in car window replacement and repair. We can replace or repair any kind of automotive glass, whether for American-made or foreign vehicles. Best of all, we’re fast and affordable.

Broken car window? Contact Tucson’s car window and windshield experts now!

American Auto Glass

American auto glass is arguably the world’s safest, most advanced form of window glazing. That’s because of the safety features incorporated into today’s auto window glass.

Back in the old days, American auto glass used to be the same kind as ordinary window glass found in all homes and businesses. Yet, ordinary glass was soon found to be unacceptable for vehicle windows.

As automotive engineers quickly learned, the constant roadway vibration and bumps during daily use often resulted in breakage that required car window repair. Worse, during an accident shattered glass is dangerous to a vehicle’s occupants.

History of auto safety glass

Engineers have worked long and hard to improve American auto glass. As early as 1912 several well-known companies began producing safe American auto glass – DuPont, Libbey-Owens-Ford, and Pittsburgh Plate Glass.

At first, safety glass was so costly to manufacture that it was used only for windshields, and it was an expensive option.

Yet, by 1936 several American companies had developed laminated safety glass suitable for both windshields and auto windows. The Ford Motor Company was the earliest large-scale adopter of this new automotive technology.

Early safety glass relied on one or more inner layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) plastic sandwiched between layers of glass. When broken this safety glass still separated into pieces, but at least it didn’t shatter completely – The shards were mostly kept together by the safety laminate adhering to them.

In the beginning, the chief technical issues arising from safe auto glass were twofold – The inner layer of safety laminate tended to become cloudy or discolored, and it was fairly easily penetrated during auto accidents.

During the years since then, engineers have continued to make steady improvements in auto glass.

American automotive glass

Nowadays, even after many years of technological advances, modern auto safety glass still works the same way – Once the glass is bonded to a layer of plastic [either ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) or PVB], if broken it should still remain firmly attached to that flexible plastic layer.

Even if badly broken, today’s auto windshields still remain intact after impact. Everyone’s familiar with the “spider web” pattern seen in broken windshields.

Most importantly, the glass shards remain strongly attached to the plastic layer and are therefore far less dangerous to the vehicle’s occupants during a crash.

Andy’s American auto glass

Andy’s American auto glass is Tucson’s leading source for glass repair and replacement. We have more than forty years of experience in repairing and installing windshields, windows and mirrors for all vehicle makes and models.

Our technicians are certified all-American experts when it comes to fixing car windows and windshields. Whether you need glass for a car, truck, or specialty vehicle, we have it in-stock and ready to be installed by our team.

Broken window or cracked windshield? We can help. Contact Tucson’s auto glass pros now!

Auto Glass Installation

Auto glass installation in Tucson

If you need auto glass installation here in Tucson, Andy’s American Glass is your best choice. We have southern Arizona’s largest inventory of windshields, windows and mirrors for all makes and models of vehicles, including specialty vehicles and classic cars.

We provide full-service auto glass installation here in our well-equipped shop, and we also dispatch expert mobile technicians throughout Tucson and southern Arizona for car window repair and windshield replacement at your home or business.

Most importantly, we’re quick, professional and very affordable.

Car window replacement

Eventually, every vehicle owner needs car window replacement services. If you’re in Tucson, we can help.

We have over forty years of auto glass installation experience, and our highly-skilled technicians repair and replace windshield or window glass in every type of vehicle, from cars and trucks to specialty vehicles and classic cars.

If you have a noticeable crack or chip in your auto glass, you should consider car window replacement, or at the very least repair.

Here at Andy’s American Glass, we can often repair a crack early enough that you’ll save money and avoid windshield replacement later.

Still, if the crack has progressed so far that you need car window replacement, we can solve the problem quickly and easily.

We have southern Arizona’s biggest selection of replacement windshields and other auto glass, and certified technicians who are praised as Tucson’s best auto glass installation pros.

Windshield installation

Some people haven’t become aware that a windshield installation is covered under many insurance policies. And, as Tucson’s leading provider of automotive glass installation services, we work directly with nearly all insurance companies.

Our technicians have the experience and tools to replace any type of windshield or other auto glass, including any hard-to-find windshields and windows. We also have the latest auto glass tools and technologies here in our state of the art shop.

Best of all, we’re mobile….. No matter where your vehicle is, we can replace the windshield onsite quickly and affordably.

We dispatch our technicians to replace or fix auto glass throughout the Tucson metro area, and we offer same-day service.

Best auto glass quote in Tucson

For the best auto glass quote in Tucson, just contact Andy’s American Glass. We have one of southern Arizona’s largest inventories of auto glass, so we’re able to offer the lowest prices.

Since we specialize in auto glass, and we’ve been in this business over 40 years, it means we always have the best pricing to offer our customers.

We’re pleased with our reputation for offering the area’s lowest auto glass quote, and we remain competitive all year round.

Most importantly, we’re fast and affordable.

Need auto glass? Contact us for an affordable auto glass quote.

Safe Auto Glass

Safe auto glass is one of the best investments you can make for yourself and the people around you. That’s because safe auto glass, also called auto safety glass, protects you in several ways.

First, it provides a substantial amount of strength to the structure of the vehicle’s cabin. Safe auto glass, especially in your car’s windshield, adds as much as 50% to the structural strength of the cabin during a front-end collision, and up to 60% in a rollover accident.

The windshield is a vital component of your vehicle’s safety equipment. If your vehicle has a cracked windshield or broken windshield, you’re less protected.

Not only does the windshield help keep the roof from collapsing during an accident, it also keeps vehicle occupants from being ejected, as well as positioning the airbags properly to protect vehicle occupants during an impact.

Auto safety glass is critically important for your safety, and it’s also important to make sure that any windshield replacement or other auto glass repair is performed by experienced, certified professionals such as the team here at Andy’s American Glass.

What is auto safety glass?

By its nature, ordinary glass is relatively fragile and easily broken. In order to make more-durable products, many kinds of safety glass have been developed for use in building construction, industry, and automotive applications.

Automobile safety glass is manufactured with extra features which make it harder to break, and less likely to cause injuries or other damage if it’s broken. Vehicle safety glass is available in several types, including tempered glass or toughened glass, and laminated glass.

The side windows of most vehicles are made of tempered glass, and windshields typically are both tempered as well as having one or more layers of plastic laminate sandwiched between layers of glass.

Toughened or tempered glass is made with a series of chemical and thermal treatments which greatly increase its strength when compared against normal glass. The tempering process leads to a balancing of internal stresses.

So, when tempered glass breaks it separates into chunks of similar size, without sharp edges, instead of breaking into random, jagged splinters. Everyone has seen the characteristic “spider web” appearance of tempered glass when broken.

From the standpoint of safety, tempered auto glass is a lifesaver – Broken chunks of tempered glass aren’t sharp, so they rarely cause any injury.

Beyond vehicle windows, tempered safety glass is also used in many other applications, including shower doors, cookware, refrigerator shelves, doors for commercial buildings, bulletproof glass, and even scuba diving masks.

In fact, U.S. federal law mandates the use of safety glass for a variety of applications, including motor vehicles.

Tucson’s best source for auto safety glass

Andy’s American Glass is proud to be Tucson’s favorite source for automotive safety glass. We have a large inventory of windshield replacement glass, as well as car windows to find any kind of vehicle.

With forty years of experience, we replace windshields and vehicle windows right the first time, so you’re protected in case of an accident.

Best of all, we offer the best auto glass quotes anywhere in southern Arizona.

Need auto glass? We can help. Just contact Andy’s American Glass now for same-day service.