At Andy’s American Glass we use the industry’s best tabletop glass to create beautiful, durable glass table tops for your home or business, made to your specifications.

Here in Tucson, table top glass is especially popular. It offers numerous benefits over other tabletop materials, including visual appeal and ease of cleaning.

And, glass tabletops also protect your furniture from scratches, liquid spills and other causes of damage.

Custom glass table tops

Nowadays, glass is being used to top all types of furniture, not just tables. It’s both a decorative fashion statement as well as a practical way to enhance the appearance and functionality of your furniture.

At Andy’s American Glass, we have the skills, experience and special tools needed to create custom table top glass to fit your furniture.

We can craft glass tabletops in any shape and size to fit your needs. And, we offer glass up to ½” in thickness, or even more. Plus, we offer a wide variety of edge profiles on our tabletops.

Glass tops are an easy way to give your furniture a new look as well as protect it. Glass adds a shiny luster to an otherwise dull finish on any kind of furniture. And, of course, it’s much easier to clean, too.

Business owners love the beauty and practicality of glass tops, especially in restaurants, bars and other high-traffic locations.

And, table tops are a high-visibility location. Many business owners take advantage of their clear glass tops to place such things as menus, printed advertisements or decorative graphics sandwiched between top and table.

Glass tops for tables and other furniture

We can craft glass tops into almost any shape. Whatever the shape of your furniture, we’ll custom fit glass tops to fit. And, we can also work based on your own designs or drawings.

In addition to beautiful tops for interior furniture, we also create many tops for patio furniture both new and old. Over time, patio table tops can crack, break or become unsightly.

And, outdoor furniture will usually benefit from having a protective glass top, even if the furniture wasn’t originally glass-topped. In any case, we can provide new or replacement tops for existing patio furniture.

Tucson’s best source for glass tabletops

We’re proud to be southern Arizona’s best source for glass tabletops and all other kinds of residential and auto glass. We carry the region’s largest inventory of tabletop glass, and our prices are always the lowest.

With over forty years of experience in residential and auto glass, Andy’s American Glass is your best choice here in Tucson. We’re fast, professional, and most importantly, affordable.

Want a glass top for your furniture? Just contact us now!