Cracked windshield in Tucson

A cracked windshield is a safety hazard as well as an eyesore. If you have a cracked windshield here in the Tucson area, you should have it fixed for your own safety.

We can help – We’re Andy’s American Glass, Tucson’s best source for auto glass repair service, including same-day windshield replacement by our mobile technicians.

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Can a windshield crack be repaired?

Whether your vehicle is new or old, a cracked or broken windshield needs attention before it compromises your safety.

If the crack is small, less than 3 inches long, then our certified technicians can generally repair it. And, if the problem is a small chip instead of a crack, it can probably be repaired instead of replaced.

Andy’s American Glass is southern Arizona’s leader in fixing and replacing cracked windshields. We have more than forty years of auto glass repair experience.

And, we have the special skill and expertise necessary to determine whether a crack can be repaired, or whether the crack is unstable and requires windshield replacement.

Safety first

When you have a broken windshield, it’s important to repair it as soon as possible. That’s because a crack or other damage to your windshield is a more serious safety issue than it may seem.

If you’re faced with a cracked windshield, most often the point of impact will appear as a “bull’s eye” crack.

Left without repair, even a small, seemingly innocuous chip or crack can quickly spread. The effects of roadway jolts and vibration cause cracks to “run” or extend through a much larger area of the glass.

And, the hot weather here in Tucson quickly makes a windshield crack even worse. That’s because expansion from heat during the day and contraction from cooler temperatures at night stress your windshield, causing cracks to spread rapidly.

Most people don’t realize how much a windshield crack can compromise their safety while on the road. In today’s vehicles, windshields are designed as part of a vehicle’s safety and restraint system (SRS) together with airbags and seat belts. Windshield damage weakens the entire system.

The SRS is intended to keep occupants safely inside the vehicle’s cabin during a collision. Not only does the windshield keep occupants inside, it also supports the structure of the vehicle and helps position the airbags.

Just as importantly, it also helps keep the vehicle roof from collapsing during a roll-over accident. All these safety benefits may be lost if your windshield is broken.

And, since the windshield is an integral part of a vehicle’s safety equipment, noticeably-damaged windshields often attract attention from law enforcement officers eager to ticket safety violations.

We can fix your broken windshield

When you need windshield repair or replacement, Andy’s American Glass is your best choice. We provide exceptional service together with winning auto glass quotes, and we’re often recognized as Tucson’s best windshield repair shop.

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