Andy’s American Glass is your best choice when you need fast, affordable car window replacement here in Tucson.

We carry southern Arizona’s largest selection of windshields and car window replacement glass. And, with more than 40 years of car window replacement experience, we’ll make sure the job’s done right the first time.

Our skilled, certified technicians can expertly replace car window and windshield glass for any make and model of vehicle. We specialize in replacing hard-to-find car windows and windshields for both American and foreign cars.

Car window replacement or repair?

When you see a crack or chip in your car’s window glass, it’s time to consider car window replacement. If it’s only a small chip, we can often repair your car window without replacing it.

Yet, if the chip is large enough to be noticeable, or if you have a crack that’s more than a quarter-inch long, then you should replace the entire window or windshield.

That’s because roadway vibration can cause any size crack to “run” until it eventually affects the entire window.

Cracks are dangerous to drivers, passengers and other motorists because they limit visibility and increase the risk of sudden glass failure while driving.

By repairing chips and cracks in car windows and windshields as early as possible, we can usually help you avoid more expensive auto glass replacement later.

Whatever kind of vehicle you drive, we have a full inventory of auto glass to meet your needs. We can quickly and expertly replace a windshield, window or mirror for almost any kind of vehicle, even recreational vehicles and specialty trucks.

Car window glass replacement

Andy’s American Glass is the recognized leader among Tucson-area auto glass shops. We carry the region’s best selection of windshields, windows and mirrors, and we’re known for the speed and quality of our auto glass installation work.

We’re a preferred Tucson provider for all the major insurance companies, which helps us offer a faster turnaround time to our customers. And, our service is convenient – We accept personal payments through a variety of methods.

Residential glass and commercial glass

As well as being known for the quality and affordability of our auto glass installation work, we’re also recognized for our commercial and residential glass work.

Whether you’re a homeowner with a broken window looking for a replacement, or a building contractor with a construction project needing a bid for windows, we can help. No window job is too big nor too small for us.

Tucson’s car window experts

At Andy’s American Glass we specialize in car window replacement and repair. We can replace or repair any kind of automotive glass, whether for American-made or foreign vehicles. Best of all, we’re fast and affordable.

Broken car window? Contact Tucson’s car window and windshield experts now!