Sooner or later, every vehicle owner needs an auto window repair. And, when you want glass repair here in Tucson, Andy’s American Glass is your best choice. We’re quick, professional and very affordable.

We have over 40 years of experience with auto window repair and windshield replacement. We also specialize in commercial and residential glass repair and replacement.

Our certified, highly-experienced technicians can expertly fix car windows on any type of vehicle. We specialize in repairing or replacing hard-to-find auto glass.

Whether you drive a car, SUV, truck or other kind of vehicle, we either already have the right windshield in stock for your vehicle, or we can quickly find it.

Glass repair

Auto glass repair is a cost-effective way of ensuring that your vehicle is safe to operate. By fixing chips and cracks in windshields and windows as early as possible, we can usually help avoid costlier windshield replacement later.

That’s because the constant bumps and vibration on the road can eventually cause cracking to spread over a much larger area.

A cracked windshield is a safety hazard both because it limits visibility and because cracked glass can shatter at any moment, which would be a serious distraction to any driver.

Fortunately, by repairing the glass in your chipped or cracked windshield immediately the damage is unlikely to spread further.

The certified, highly-skilled technicians here at Andy’s American Glass can fix your vehicle’s windshield or windows fast.

Since we’re a preferred provider of auto glass services for all of the major insurance companies, our turnaround time is faster than typical.

Car window repair

Whether your vehicle is a car, truck, van or specialty vehicle we have the right auto glass to meet your needs.

We carry southern Arizona’s widest selection of windshield and window replacement glass. Even if you’re looking for hard-to-find auto glass for a classic car or a recreational vehicle, we can help.

Depending on your insurance policy, windshield replacement and other types of car window repairs may be may be covered fully. Of course we also accept personal payments, too.

Commercial glass and residential glass

Apart from being known as Tucson’s best auto glass repair shop, we’re also widely known for the quality of workmanship and the affordability of our commercial and residential glass repair and replacement work.

If you’re a property owner tasked with replacing a broken window, or a developer seeking a comprehensive glazing solution for a new building project, we can certainly help.

We respond quickly to all inquiries, and we consistently provide a winning glass quote for any size of residential or commercial glass job.

Need auto window repair? Contact us now!