Looking out into fields of crops, hills, desert, plains, or cityscape, it is hard to tell with the naked eye if your vehicle’s auto glass is installed correctly. Like an undetected virus, the damage could already be done, and you won’t realize it until it’s too late. Unfortunately, auto glass installation mistakes can be deadly. As many as 85 percent of auto glass replacements are done incorrectly according to CBS New York. To keep your car and its occupants safe, follow these steps.

Check for signs of damage

In 1999, at the young age of 25, Jeanne Fransway was killed in a car wreck in Chippewa Fall, WI. After further investigation, it was found the glue used during the car’s last windshield replacement was faulty. Signs of a bad installation job can be found in water leaks. Try taking a trip through the car wash to see if you can find any trouble areas. You can also feel your glass to make sure it doesn’t have a gummy texture. If you notice any wavy or uneven spots, it is wise to get those checked out as well. Your life depends on it.

Replace cracked glass

As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, cracks are a small problem that can quickly snowball out of control. If you see a crack on your windshield or surrounding windows, stop it in its tracks. If its smaller than the diameter of a quarter, you will probably avoid a replacement. No matter the size though, once the glass has been cracked, the potential for road irritants to aggravate the problem is highly likely.

Find a trusted installer

The high risk of having your windshield installed improperly is often associated with the lack of federal regulations for the process. It is always wise to get your windshield and auto glass replaced and installed at a place you trust. “Your windshield is really part of the safety system, and it’s really important that is be installed properly, as important as it is to install your brakes right,” said Debra Levy of the Auto Glass Safety Council. Many people don’t realize this and look for the cheapest option available. The Auto Glass Safety Council offers training and resources for the advancement of auto glass safety.

Here at Andy’s American Glass, we understand the importance of installing your vehicle’s auto glass right the first time.